Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That girl

I used to like PP. I recall that I wanted a parasol and a pink car because she was just so darn cute. I also thought it was cool that she had those little men come to her rescue all the time because Dick Dastardly just couldn't help picking on poor old PP. Forgive me but i was only 5 at that time. I vote by color.

Later, I despised everything helpless, sniveling, shaking like a leaf, death by stiff wind, drama queen. I mean, c'mon, Helen Keller made do with LESS! Good thing I developed this thing called tolerance and also I realized that no one, NO ONE, not even Xena and her bangs can be strong all the freaking time. I also spent time with Xena types and they're no fun as well. Stressful I say cause everything is a fight. I suppose, its hard to display strength when making coffee and watching TV, so the whirlwind around them is always an opposition. 24/7 battle is tiring. No wiwi breaks even.

On a rough day like this, I wish for balance. I want the pink parasol and the huge kitty eyes of Puss in boots at the same time I want to be assured that if I can napalm the street with barely a huff and a puff, i could! This bambi-eyed harbinger of doom just wants to sit in front of her PC and slay orcs online and don't really want to deathstar the planet with you in it. Honest & pinky swears.