Monday, January 31, 2011

Get me out of this Plateau Universe!

My misery began when I switched food suppliers. My new supplier brought a digital scale where we established a baseline. And imagine my shock when I saw 127.2 on it. WTF! My old scale was soo off to begin with (my liar of a scale said I was 120 already. Mangy stupid thing!!) Much bad words aside, I just told myself that at least whatever I really was before, I already shed 10 pounds off it and things are just going to get better.

7 days later: 124? 125! That CANT BE RIGHT! My 3 pound pomeranian eats MORE than me these days!
ARG! I've been diligent on my diet specially now, my new food supplier has improved my cuisine significantly, the trade off is the fooking scale hasn't moved at all. And added even! And I suspect also teleported me into another dimension where I am supposedly delusional.
Scene from last Sunday morning before any food and after toilet:
Me on Scale: LOOOOK ITS 125 AGAIN! *wails*
Squeekor ( looks at scale from ground level): " no its 120"
Me ( incredulous and looks MORE closely): Na-ah, its 125! *wail some more*
Squeekor: No I am telling you, its 120! Are you saying I'm lying to you?"
Me ( Standing straight and only my head cocked down to look.. REALLY LOOK): " im not saying that you are but I'M SEEING THE NUMBERS AND ITS 125! ( and I really was!)
Squeekor: " And my eyes are closer to the numbers and its 120! Why don't you believe me? You have bad eyesight and you think I'M LYING TO YOU?"
Discussion dissolves into who's lying, who has better/worse eyesight and I'm messing with my center of gravity etc etc etc. SIGH.
120 - 125 doesn't change the fact that I haven't moved into the teen department yet! I have been reading up on diet plateaus and tips ranged from varying diet to eat more (done!). cheat a little ( an Oatmeal cookie), add exercise, drink water ( 1 liter a day now),  See, the only thing I haven't tried yet was exercise and I would too, if only my knee would heal back to normal. Clothes are fitting better but there are some pants that I still cant get past my thighs. Damn this metabolism. How I miss the days when cutting down a bit already made a difference. Now I'm practically eating the cleanest and healthiest I have ever had in my life and my body decides to give me hell. 

Things to do:
1) Instead of formal exercise, this week, will take over house cleaning and laundry instead of having it jobbed out. 
2) Spacing out my meals more. 
3) My liar scale is sentenced to death. As soon as able, will get a digital one.
4) Walk about more. ( I "exiled" myself from starbucks and going out so I don't get the least tempted but I guess every little activity should help now)
This week is the last of my food program and will be cooking for myself again. If i don't lose at least a pound by new supplier, I think I invested in a lemon. Maybe the meal plan isn't all that good. Sad though, the portions are better and omg, the food actually has taste! But per reckoning, when I was eating the cardboard sludge of 2 weeks ago, pounds were coming off. Noooo. I dont want to do that again. 
*Stabs scale and sniff*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SB Diet: Day 9/14

10 pounds off confirmed today by my cheater scale!!! *confetti*
Our efforts are going very well, even the dreaded Saturday Game Night didn't tempt me one bit ( WATER!! LOTS OF WATER!!! Roselle also didn't show up with something sinful) and Sunday Dinner diversion ( Spam night. 3 pieces only ). Helps that I load up on water and my usual constant enablers are supportive.

I take it its a sign that my body is getting used to the prison portions that I didn't realize I left my dinner at the ofc until I was way past the point of return. Meaning I wasn't thinking of food. FOR ONCE! *more confetti!*

Things haven't changed much with my current food supplier, its still mostly tasteless and bland. Only occasionally winning. One dish would be good. The rest I just eat so I don't accidentally bare my fangs  on my office mates. OK there was this ONE OCCASION only. One of my colleagues was in my face with sugared walnuts, insisting I need to eat it. I was mentally insane with hunger as I haven't had my bland breakfast of egg and I can smell the damned walnuts. Even with a polite "no thank you", the walnuts were still within licking distance and to add insult to injury, she mocked my lousy breakfast. BARK! FANGS! HISS! Near bloodshed at the Pantry! Aside from that incident ( we made up later. luckily, we are friends and she understands I'm hulk!smash! before food), there isn't a body count to speak of.

Is it showing? the 10 pounds lost? my face seems a bit less cheeky, I now slide into my fat slacks, and only 4 bitch pants wont close..yet. Energy wise, I'm not faintish but I sleep earlier even when my day is now definitely fueled by coffee. I haven't had a food dream since last week. I also am not thinking of food even when my wonderful sister seems to delight in texting me back to whatever question it may be with where she's eating and what she's eating. That is significant given that before, it only takes an idea of something to set me off on a crave fest. 

To make sure my progress continues ( we need to lose another 15 ), I contacted another supplier who hopefully will pick up the taste slack and keep me on the jump start, before I finally transition to my own cooking.

It's been 15 minutes now since I finished my own dinner and I'm not looking longingly at my ref for anything else to attack. I think I'll be ok.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

SB Diet: Day 5 / 14

RIP roadrunner

My work slacks fit today. At least button met hole and they didn't choke me while i drove. That is a meaningful moment. As meaningful as the morning I ran through 12 (no exag!) pairs and all the pants stopped mid-pata. And my bloater slacks? Stretchy closed with muffin-top. Can you see it? Gift ko na yan. Free to use mental image. Use it to delay blowing your load or when you think  you want to eat more. Its my gut na, but I am still scarred by the image of it sooo tight, it had puffy welts after i peeled off the pants. 

Fast forward to today. I woke up from dream of food. I was so hungry. I was looking forward to my food-box. kaso today's delivery was not that exciting. To date, nothing tops Tuesday. Tuesday food was Michelin standard as far as diet stuff goes. It was *air-beso* 

Look at that pic above. That appetizing thing that smelled like liver but ID'ed as chicken was my breakfast.  4 slivers of "chicken relleno" so bland and got dry with microwave, it needed to be chased down by coffee. I still ate it. I can't afford to "grossface" over this. I own this thing.

Motivational thoughts:
1) I lost 5 pounds na! ( Used today while I microwave my food and was thinking "how to cheat" thoughts)
2) Its only hard in the beginning. I lost track of my fitness because I wasn't willing to do the hard stuff anymore. 

The rest of the day:
LUNCH was tuna salad in cucumber cups and sopa de ajo ( salad was filling, soup was as pleasant as greasy dishwater. Not their finest soup. So far its hit/miss)
DINNER will be grilled salmon w grilled veg ( hope this is good)
SNACK: singkamas strips (10pcs)

Portions are borderline french resto small. After 5 days, I'm kinda used to the portions na but i really get hungry fast and furious. I ate the decorative leafbed on my salad. Basta edible. It is gone.

5 Pounds na !!!!! 10 more to go. *sniffle*

So far its been super!

Hello there!

Ok, first up. It took me a bloody long time to format this. Not good Blogger! We have forgotten our HTML lessons from Blog 101 already. I was thisclose to giving up on this and moving to more productive things ( like leveling up my EQ2 chars) if not for the gentle prodding of Karen and Katrina. Well ladies. Here it is. I am back.


What on earth is a Squee? It is a sound of absolute glee! Usually over something so exciting, you make this exclamation pitched so high that dogs yelp in surprise. I named this blog such as I am a superstitious creature. I can beat your lola at it if it were a boardgame. I named it such as I noticed that my blog titles usually generate the same energy. Example. Blog #1: My Tabloid Life ( was on that msn thingee that i forget now). That was exciting but every entry was drama!  It was hectic, lively but life reducing. My next foray was my Multiply blog. Now that had a nice bouncy title "My fabulous trampoline". And I attracted a tramp. Fucking skankhor stalker that forced me to hiding. Bitch.

Now hopefully, this Squee business shall generate me some good juju as I have opened 2011 with so much positivity, I was vibrating with it! Personal tradition dictates that I need to start a year with good vibes and that I did! The only thing/s that could make it better was the winning Php 40million lottery ticket and waking up next to Ryan Reynolds.  *squee*

The Squee! Round up so far:
1) I got my frigging iPhone: I'm not really materialistic. Just a healthy itsy bitsy bit. Now the story here was I should have had it back in 2009. I already ordered it. It was already there! I sniffed the box and all but licking it. Alas, had to give it up as I needed to rebuild my house in 2010 and cash had to go to more important things. Good thing the universe didn't let me down and tadah! A nice almost fresh one became available for a song. MINE!!

2) A magicsing is in my house: If you know me long enough, those things are banned within 5 fts of me like spiders.  I gave it a go last christmas and I am now a proud village terrorist. No i will not demo for you. I only do this for bling....

3) Bling is coming my way: Magicsing is named such as someone was so overwhelmed that I croaked out a tune ( Babyface, U2 was the first thing I wailed away) that I am a soon-to-be proud possessor of yummy bling. No I am not materialistic. Those are called "investments". Magicsing FTW! ( For the curious, I don't have it yet but its being procured. Will post when it arrives. And No, it is not engagement business.)

4) I got a personal chef plan and lost 4 pounds in 4 days: Finally found the funds to finance a 2 week southbeach food delivery that is almost guaranteed to make me lose the holiday blubber. Guaranteed cause the total daily portions combined is usually my one sitting meal. What did i do on the first day? I attacked a bag of Lay's and didnt quit until I was licking the foil. I was THAT hungry. So far though, its working. But its hard shit, its a challenge. It will be a challenge. I love me a challenge. More hungry posts on this later.

5) Under pressure, my ass can write a winning presentation: Found out today that the FY12 plan I made under 2 hours, was good enough that it will be used as a regional template. To think I was very worried and already had 3 explanations ready why my plan was dogpoop. The only comment I got was " your budget estimate is too modest. I think more $$$ is needed". I seriously thought I was going to be laughed at for asking $ to fund my wild ideas. Apparently outrageous insanity is the new template.

6) I'm up for a new car!: Not a hand-me-down. but a brandnew unit. From the dealer. And I get to choose the color. See you in March,or earlier baby!

7) I'm blogging again!: One of my goals for 2011 is to get back to things I love doing and this is one activity I really enjoy producing, I have been writing diaries since I was 9. And every year I write something somewhere. Writing for myself keeps me sharp, sane and sexy. Brain-whacking FTW!

Now on the subject of blogging, aside from myself, I am sharing this life with some dear friends who badger me like I deal crack. Here are some Blog Rules:

1) Thou shalt not invite my mother: I can deal with her hovering over my FB but I can't deal with having to explain things that in her imagination should involve her, should be her or will always refer to her among other neurotic things.  Plus she will CAPSLOCK the crap out of my comment page.

2) No frenemies: It my blog, its my life and if you don't like it, don't read. You are not compelled to post your haterades. Go and enjoy your life and don't hate on my tastes or lack thereof.

3) Share but beware: I am still twitching my nose if I make this public or not. Specially when there will be a lot of personal stuff to be written. I honestly want to put unpleasant business behind me and a part of me is all gung-ho but some people need head shrinkage. Or should meet God. Now Na.

Before I wrap my first 2011 thingee, special shout out to: Karen and Katrina, for expediting this effort. Trish, my tolerant magicsing buddy, and Squeekor, for being the squee-king.

*smooches and squishes to all* while i go lick the last of my itsy bitsy dinner and suck the aluminum off that spoon.