Thursday, January 13, 2011

SB Diet: Day 5 / 14

RIP roadrunner

My work slacks fit today. At least button met hole and they didn't choke me while i drove. That is a meaningful moment. As meaningful as the morning I ran through 12 (no exag!) pairs and all the pants stopped mid-pata. And my bloater slacks? Stretchy closed with muffin-top. Can you see it? Gift ko na yan. Free to use mental image. Use it to delay blowing your load or when you think  you want to eat more. Its my gut na, but I am still scarred by the image of it sooo tight, it had puffy welts after i peeled off the pants. 

Fast forward to today. I woke up from dream of food. I was so hungry. I was looking forward to my food-box. kaso today's delivery was not that exciting. To date, nothing tops Tuesday. Tuesday food was Michelin standard as far as diet stuff goes. It was *air-beso* 

Look at that pic above. That appetizing thing that smelled like liver but ID'ed as chicken was my breakfast.  4 slivers of "chicken relleno" so bland and got dry with microwave, it needed to be chased down by coffee. I still ate it. I can't afford to "grossface" over this. I own this thing.

Motivational thoughts:
1) I lost 5 pounds na! ( Used today while I microwave my food and was thinking "how to cheat" thoughts)
2) Its only hard in the beginning. I lost track of my fitness because I wasn't willing to do the hard stuff anymore. 

The rest of the day:
LUNCH was tuna salad in cucumber cups and sopa de ajo ( salad was filling, soup was as pleasant as greasy dishwater. Not their finest soup. So far its hit/miss)
DINNER will be grilled salmon w grilled veg ( hope this is good)
SNACK: singkamas strips (10pcs)

Portions are borderline french resto small. After 5 days, I'm kinda used to the portions na but i really get hungry fast and furious. I ate the decorative leafbed on my salad. Basta edible. It is gone.

5 Pounds na !!!!! 10 more to go. *sniffle*


  1. WOW! Talaga? a pound a day? Will I be able to do that kaya specially today I have 1/3 of the Sansrival Dodo bought from Red Ribbon and a small cup of Tutti Frutti? Maybe on February I will go back to dieting and working out =(

  2. yup but i think its more water weight being shed at the moment. If i keep the final weight after a month then I'd call this a total win. YES YOU CAN DO IT! you will dream of food and literally lick the container clean but i believe you can if you want to.

  3. Good Luck Van :D I have about 15lbs to get rid of myself LOL.

  4. Thank you! Currently lost 9 now but I'm like the Bruce banner.

  5. gawd... can't imagine denying myself. my thoughts are with you.