Monday, January 31, 2011

Get me out of this Plateau Universe!

My misery began when I switched food suppliers. My new supplier brought a digital scale where we established a baseline. And imagine my shock when I saw 127.2 on it. WTF! My old scale was soo off to begin with (my liar of a scale said I was 120 already. Mangy stupid thing!!) Much bad words aside, I just told myself that at least whatever I really was before, I already shed 10 pounds off it and things are just going to get better.

7 days later: 124? 125! That CANT BE RIGHT! My 3 pound pomeranian eats MORE than me these days!
ARG! I've been diligent on my diet specially now, my new food supplier has improved my cuisine significantly, the trade off is the fooking scale hasn't moved at all. And added even! And I suspect also teleported me into another dimension where I am supposedly delusional.
Scene from last Sunday morning before any food and after toilet:
Me on Scale: LOOOOK ITS 125 AGAIN! *wails*
Squeekor ( looks at scale from ground level): " no its 120"
Me ( incredulous and looks MORE closely): Na-ah, its 125! *wail some more*
Squeekor: No I am telling you, its 120! Are you saying I'm lying to you?"
Me ( Standing straight and only my head cocked down to look.. REALLY LOOK): " im not saying that you are but I'M SEEING THE NUMBERS AND ITS 125! ( and I really was!)
Squeekor: " And my eyes are closer to the numbers and its 120! Why don't you believe me? You have bad eyesight and you think I'M LYING TO YOU?"
Discussion dissolves into who's lying, who has better/worse eyesight and I'm messing with my center of gravity etc etc etc. SIGH.
120 - 125 doesn't change the fact that I haven't moved into the teen department yet! I have been reading up on diet plateaus and tips ranged from varying diet to eat more (done!). cheat a little ( an Oatmeal cookie), add exercise, drink water ( 1 liter a day now),  See, the only thing I haven't tried yet was exercise and I would too, if only my knee would heal back to normal. Clothes are fitting better but there are some pants that I still cant get past my thighs. Damn this metabolism. How I miss the days when cutting down a bit already made a difference. Now I'm practically eating the cleanest and healthiest I have ever had in my life and my body decides to give me hell. 

Things to do:
1) Instead of formal exercise, this week, will take over house cleaning and laundry instead of having it jobbed out. 
2) Spacing out my meals more. 
3) My liar scale is sentenced to death. As soon as able, will get a digital one.
4) Walk about more. ( I "exiled" myself from starbucks and going out so I don't get the least tempted but I guess every little activity should help now)
This week is the last of my food program and will be cooking for myself again. If i don't lose at least a pound by new supplier, I think I invested in a lemon. Maybe the meal plan isn't all that good. Sad though, the portions are better and omg, the food actually has taste! But per reckoning, when I was eating the cardboard sludge of 2 weeks ago, pounds were coming off. Noooo. I dont want to do that again. 
*Stabs scale and sniff*

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