Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! Go full metal rabbit!

Go ahead. Make my New Year.
Firstly, I am barely Chinese. Maybe a toenail. One fleck of DNA.  If I recall my ancestral tree, my mainland lolo, Tan Buco arrived during the time of the Spaniards and the first thing he does is renounce his chinese ways to become Pedro Tan to be able to marry a local mestiza. And for 6 generations of Pedros later, we come to me. Yes its that skinny a link and  Yes, there is a Pedro in every gen except on my branch. Maybe some cousin Tan out there is named Pedro, you happen on this blog, your name right there is tradition! Don't break it, pass it on dude.

On the subject of tradition, I ironically have my own. Ironic because I infamously relish being quite contrary, there are things I notice for myself that work splendidly for me so I continue the trend until it becomes my personal norm. Like for example, I can never ever wear black on New Years. Literally cant. I did once long ago and regretted it for an entire year for I attributed all misery to the fact I wore black. Now, I'm not saying that nothing bad ever happened while I wore a different color but all things considered, I still get off pretty lightly or am able to get back on my feet faster. Another thing I do which is quite common to all but I take mine to neurotic extremes is I should have money on my person on New years. Like stuffing money in my underwear ( like a stripper!) and wallet. Again, there was one year, I couldn't get to the bank. I had ziltch on me. And goddamn, I was always needing that year. Afterwards, I made sure even if I got scratches from having crisp bills in my bra, FIGHT!! At least may pambili ng band aid afterwards. Seriously though, ever since I make sure I do the stripper thing, never lacking here. There must be something to it, see?

Now this chinese new year, I do celebrate even though only my surname is Chinese. Must do something special so special things will happen. One personal must is to have happy people around. They bless your dwelling and bring good energy so I had some friends over for what was supposed to be a little pica, escalated into a feasting where I needed to browbeat people to eat!more!tikoy! I also cleaned the whole house then nothing must be cleaned until Sunday if i can help it ( I cheat a bit with the Dog pee cause nothing good ever comes out of letting dog pee sit for 3 days). Which is why after midnight of CNY eve, all trash is still here, cleverly maintained until I can hoist them off on sunday. So you don't throw out your luck, you see. Gross but I'm prepared so its not all THAT bad. Now to think of it, is why one mandatory is to keep flowers or nice smelling things all around to keep us sane while we wait. After all the prep, I'm extra perceptive of what happens on New Years itself as it sets the tone for the rest of the year. Jan 1st was exceptional, yesterday was a reinforcement. I was laughing way upto 5am when the party ended and up again to dinnertime when I had Trish over for dinner and we were laughing like hyenas, went to bed in a good mood and woke up to Squeakor announcing that his game was released on iTunes! AND my Babydog Sauron maybe a DaddyDog soon!! Continuing what was already so awesome, today at the office I found out that new car is coming next week at the earliest! *Squee!*

I've been reading all over that this Metal Rabbit year is good for us Metal Pigs. I'm feeling really positive considering all the portents I've been noticing. Finally, I got an oddly cryptic message from a chinese client when I greeted him for the new years. He texted back "Do good deeds". OK. Now here is me thinking "Who does that? I greet you and you text me a yoda message?" So I'm naturally taking this as a sign. My own message for the year. As you know, what you give out, comes back twofold.

Here is me sharing to you what brought me much joy and squee as my good deed for the day:


Poof! goes your panties. Look at that killer wink! *puddles*  I hope you took out your bills. hee hee!


  1. Your party went on 'til 5am? You wild thing you! I'm glad your Western New Year and your Chinese New Year got off to good, "auspicious" starts.

    I really appreciate the invitation, so, I heard the 2011 SDCC passes are going live this weekend? I hope they get their act together. Am currently chasing Chris Cornell tickets (his acoustic song book tour is selling out!) and the last batch is going live same time.

    I think it's a good time to be a little bit crazy and be a bit more open with luck. CHEERS! *clink*

  2. yes! I am camping it!!!!!

  3. Reading your posts never fails to elicit a smile from me, Vannie. I'm glad your CNY was a happy one! :-)