Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SB Diet: Day 9/14

10 pounds off confirmed today by my cheater scale!!! *confetti*
Our efforts are going very well, even the dreaded Saturday Game Night didn't tempt me one bit ( WATER!! LOTS OF WATER!!! Roselle also didn't show up with something sinful) and Sunday Dinner diversion ( Spam night. 3 pieces only ). Helps that I load up on water and my usual constant enablers are supportive.

I take it its a sign that my body is getting used to the prison portions that I didn't realize I left my dinner at the ofc until I was way past the point of return. Meaning I wasn't thinking of food. FOR ONCE! *more confetti!*

Things haven't changed much with my current food supplier, its still mostly tasteless and bland. Only occasionally winning. One dish would be good. The rest I just eat so I don't accidentally bare my fangs  on my office mates. OK there was this ONE OCCASION only. One of my colleagues was in my face with sugared walnuts, insisting I need to eat it. I was mentally insane with hunger as I haven't had my bland breakfast of egg and I can smell the damned walnuts. Even with a polite "no thank you", the walnuts were still within licking distance and to add insult to injury, she mocked my lousy breakfast. BARK! FANGS! HISS! Near bloodshed at the Pantry! Aside from that incident ( we made up later. luckily, we are friends and she understands I'm hulk!smash! before food), there isn't a body count to speak of.

Is it showing? the 10 pounds lost? my face seems a bit less cheeky, I now slide into my fat slacks, and only 4 bitch pants wont close..yet. Energy wise, I'm not faintish but I sleep earlier even when my day is now definitely fueled by coffee. I haven't had a food dream since last week. I also am not thinking of food even when my wonderful sister seems to delight in texting me back to whatever question it may be with where she's eating and what she's eating. That is significant given that before, it only takes an idea of something to set me off on a crave fest. 

To make sure my progress continues ( we need to lose another 15 ), I contacted another supplier who hopefully will pick up the taste slack and keep me on the jump start, before I finally transition to my own cooking.

It's been 15 minutes now since I finished my own dinner and I'm not looking longingly at my ref for anything else to attack. I think I'll be ok.


  1. Teh sacrifizes losing weight makes us do!!! O__O (does *trying* to be a workaholic count (stress, eating small meals, etc.)?) LOL
    Good luck with your efforts, Vannie! :D

  2. Thanks Chiqui! I am borderline workaholic already but i think i got used to it now. Fight pa din!!